Friday, August 3, 2012


Matt and I are at the beach celebrating our 10-year anniversary (a mere seven weeks late) and this long weekend is already wonderful. Five years ago we thought we'd celebrate 10 years with a trip to Europe. By a year ago we'd set our sights down a couple of notches, to Chicago, where I've never been. Six months ago that got downgraded to Greenville, S.C., where Matt's never been.

And then sometime around May 25 we were fantasizing about our anniversary getaway and realized all we really wanted to do was go somewhere we could bum. You can't go somewhere really awesome and feel good about sleeping late, reading all day, and indulging yourself with a nap whenever the mood strikes. You have to be somewhere like Myrtle Beach to be OK with that. And since that's exactly what we really wanted to do with our kid-free four days, Myrtle Beach is where we are.

Last night as soon as we got here we walked to Georgio's and downed a large greasy delicious pepperoni pizza and a pitcher of light beer. This morning we woke up at 7:30 by habit but stayed in bed as long as we could stand it just on principle. We got drive-through breakfast in our pajamas, watched the U.S. women's soccer game, read and eventually showered. No agenda, no obligations, no monitors. This is bliss.

Thank you, amazing family, for making this possible for us!

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  1. You both deserve it. And, no offense, but don't hurry home. We're having a blast!