Friday, September 28, 2012


Just thought I'd poke my head in and say hi. I have legitimately been too busy to blog lately, but I miss it, and I'm working on decluttering my days a little so I can get back to it. This was the summer of MCOGS mania (a Facebook garage-sale group) and I had a BLAST finding great finds all over town and selling them on the site. It paid for the kids' preschool all this year, and then some, so not a bad summer side job. But it takes a lot of time -- and worse, a lot of time on the computer -- and I'm ready to scale back. So now I'm organizing a yard sale next Saturday, the 6th, for everything I haven't sold by then. I'm trying to get our whole street in on it -- three households are in already -- and am hoping for a great turnout of buyers. Fingers crossed for a not-too-cold morning.

Evan's awake now, of course -- I swear he can sense when I click "new post." I'm off to kiss his cheeks. More later!


  1. have missed your blogs! hope you guys are well. I understand about the busy! We need to catch up soon...