Thursday, May 31, 2012


I find myself a wee bit addicted to yet another forum for profiting from the innards of our closets, attic and garage. We don't have a local Craigslist, eBay can be a big hassle, and yard sales, though I love having them almost as much as going to them, are a lot of time and energy for usually not a lot of money. Especially if the newspaper fails to publish the ad, but that's another story. Some wonderful person took all this into consideration and created a Facebook group called Moore County Online Garage Sale and, as I said, I am addicted.

A camera. A license plate. Housewares, books, clothes, toys ... as fast as I can list these things, people are snatching them up. I've made about $200 this week, all off of stuff that was gathering dust. And I haven't even gotten to the big-ticket items like skis, speakers and TVs.

I've been in serious purge-mode this month anyway and I'm not sure why. The last week the kids were in school (before I knew about this group) I went through all their toy baskets and donated or consigned piles of the stuff they never play with for one reason or another. No matter how much decluttering I do it never feels like quite enough. This last round was a really good one, though. I really believe that having less stuff makes everything feel less chaotic. If nothing less, there are fewer toys to trip over.

Evan's awake!


  1. $200 is fantastic!I love getting rid of stuff too.

  2. I joined the group after reading this!

  3. I love that page. It's always hit or miss when I'm trying to sell stuff though.