Tuesday, November 6, 2012


We're back from Atlanta and an amazing celebration of Grandpa Loyd's incredibly full, well-lived life. There were some tears at the funeral, of course, but much more laughter, and that's just the way he would have wanted it. Probably a dozen or more people that I didn't know came up to me at the church or cemetery and basically just wanted to say what a wonderful family we have. I absolutely agree.

The pastor knew Grandpa very well and she did a fantastic job with the eulogy. I knew Grandpa had a habit of stopping and talking to his neighbors on his daily jogs around the neighborhood, but I didn't really realize until the funeral service what his visits had meant to many of them. His everyday life seems to have been full of ordinary kindnesses that made a huge impact on his friends. The pastor referenced various neighbors who recalled how he always brought their newspaper to the front porch or moved their garbage can from the curb back to the garage. When neighbors were sick he interrupted his run to check on them, bringing them their mail and refilling their water cups. And he was always quick with a compliment. One neighbor wrote:

"Marvin's visits to our home on his daily walks through Ashford Park were the highlight of our day. Marvin took great interest in his friends in our neighborhood and never forgot a name or story. He was a gifted listener and taught me the importance and reward of taking the time to stop and fellowship with others. He also modeled quiet service and acts of kindness everyday. Our sons learned many valuable lessons about service and friendship through his example. God's light and love shone through him every day. Our family will honor Marvin and his memory by showing God's love to our neighbors."

What a legacy. What an inspiration.

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful tribute. I will provide all my friends links to your and Amanda's loving and insightful thoughts. I will cherish your words and continue to try to pass on some of Grandpa's wisdom to the great-grandkids. I love you!