Saturday, November 3, 2012


We're in full-on late-night go-mode here, packing to leave for Atlanta in the morning, but I'm keeping the NaBloPoMo dream alive.

We decided to drive Matt's car this time since it's a little roomier for the long ride, so Matt switched the car seats over while I went through heaps of clean laundry. Then he did something magical: He got the DVD player in his car to work. And then he got the  headphones for it to work. Meaning, theoretically, the kids can watch TV in silence for some of the ride.

We bought his car used and the DVD player was broken when we got it and for some reason that we can no longer remember we thought it was a complicated (and/or expensive) fix so we just never messed with it. I sure am glad he took another look tonight. We only have two kids' DVDs ("Happy Feet" and something unopened from a Chick-fil-A kids' meal) but hopefully we can borrow some from our lovely next-door neighbors first thing tomorrow.

Perfect timing, dahling. If we play this right maybe it can even count as Evan's birthday present (he turns 2 on Monday). Score!

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